Intensive In-home

Intensive In-home is a intervention program for children 4-18 who are experiencing undesirable behaviors because of a mental illness like ADHD, ADD, Conduct Adjustment Disorder or similar diagnosis. If your child has multiple suspensions from school, in an alternative school, going to counseling for behaviors, legal issues (probation), we can help. Most people will refer to this child as “bad”, we consider it a cry for help. Our agency will come into your home and work towards transforming those unwanted behaviors into positive behaviors.


Mental Health Skill Building

Mental Health Skill Building – helps adults with a Serious Mental Illnesses who because of it have difficulty performing daily living skills. Skills such as budgeting, personal hygiene, medication management, doctor appointments, parenting, interpersonal skills, shopping, etc. Our agency offers support services in the home and community that you live in.